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Meet our faculty

Meet our faculty


ESC Amiens’s world-class faculty bring into the classroom their extensive scholarship and wide-ranging real-world experience. The quality of our international programs is guaranteed by our experienced multinational teaching staff. Our research professors work closely in conjunction with our visiting professors and lecturers from industry to assure a high-end education. Our faculty members are implicated in your education offering students practical, real life examples, small interactive classes, and the unique opportunity to have one-on-one contact with academic leaders.

Jean-Christian VIALELLES

Lecturer in Supply Chain Management

I have more than 30 years top-level responsibility at international transport and logistic groups including GEFCO, FRANS-MAAS (DSV), KUEHNE-NAGEL, MORY, CMA-CGM.  I was Managing Director of GEFCO UK for 5 years. Next, I joined the Dutch Group FRANS-MAAS as Chairman France to develop activities in North of Africa, opening subsidiaries in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt.  I then joined the international group KUEHNE-NAGEL as Vice President of Western Europe  for road activities, in order to create a Pan-European network . In 2009, I  managed the French network of MORY Group looking after 550 M€ of turnover, 80 depots and 3 500 people.  In 2011, I joined CMA-CGM Group, appointed as Vice President and responsible for all Multimodal activities in Europe (Rail, Road and River) under the brand of GREENMODAL.

In 2015, I created my own consulting group, in order to help companies improve their organisation and Supply Chain. I am an expert in performance enhancement.


Director ESC Amiens Bachelor International Affairs, PGE International & MBA International Business Strategy
Lecturer in International Marketing, Business Strategy, International Logistics, Production Management and American Markets

Majoring in Economics and Latin American and Russian Area Studies at the School of International Service at AU in Washington, D.C. , I worked for several years for the US government. Moving to Miami, I created a company serving as Operations and Sales Director for the import, export, transport, wholesaling and retailing of exotic fruits & vegetables, with frequent travel to Latin America. Seeking out more distant horizons, in 1986 I went to West Germany as Marketing Director Europe for a US company representing major US & European brands in duty-free markets. In 1991, moving to France as CEO / Manufacturing Director, I again created a start-up for the manufacture of rechargeable battery packs for consumer electronic goods, working with companies such as Grundig, Panasonic, Thomson, Geant Casino, and Metro.

A free-lance consultant in international marketing, sales, supply chain and corporate start-ups in the electronics and FMCG sectors since 2001, I lecture at major business schools throughout France.

Koumba KONE

Lecturer in International Commercial Law

With a Master’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property and Innovation in 2006, I developed my experience as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and new technology law in law firms over the next 4 years. I then oriented my career towards the field of development, protection and transfer of public research. Since 2015, I have been Deputy Head of the Office of Institutional Agreement and Intellectual Property at Pierre and Marie Curie University. At the same time, I opened my own law firm (KONE & Associates) in Belgium, specialized in intellectual property law.

For 11 years I have acquired legal and economic experience in intellectual property strategy, contract law and business law.

Alexander PREVOST

Lecturer in International Negotiation, International Law and Contracts

Receiving an engineering degree in Computer Science followed by a graduate degree in International Business Management at EDHEC in Lille back in 1994, my 25 years expertise concentrates on sales, business development, operations management and consulting at an international level. I have worked in the building products and railway sectors, negotiated and managed large construction projects in Europe and Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

Jean-Claude FICHERA

Lecturer in International Purchasing

I have more than 35 years experience at international automotive groups including Renault, Valeo, and Autoneum. I was Logistic Manager of the Renault assembly car plant in Flins, France.  Next I joined the American group Knoll International, a subsidiary of Westinghouse, to manage the purchasing and logistic departments in France, Italy and USA.  I then joined Valeo Services as Purchasing and Logistic Manager in order to implement commodity and project buyers positions and start a B2B shipping platform.  In 1998, I joined the Swiss Autoneum Group as Purchasing and Supply Chain Vice President responsible for $1 billion expenditure per year in 15 countries and 60 production sites.  In 2005, I moved from Zurich to Bergamo in Italy as International Purchasing and Supply Chain Senior Vice-President of Same Deutz-Fahr Group, N°4 in Tractors and Harvesters production.  I had to consolidate $800 Million in expenses per year in Italy, Poland, Croatia, India, Germany and China and to create a new purchasing headquarters.

In 2007, I created my own consulting and training company, ASAPP, in order to streamline the company purchasing and logistic processes and to train professionals in those two fields. I am an expert in organization assessment.  I lecture at major business and engineering schools throughout France and North Africa.


Philippe LAFAGE

Lecturer in International Finance

Graduate of UCLA and Paris I Pantheon, I conducted various research projects in West Africa before coming back to teach at French universities. My courses were related to International Finance and Managerial Accounting. I managed, for several years, a program major in Management Accounting combined with Information Systems at Neoma Business School. I am presently teaching finance at Grenoble Management School and I am a consultant within a leading organization, “Cercle des Jeunes dirigeants” to help CEOs adapt their companies to digital transformation in a globalized world.



Lecturer in Russian and Central European markets, Risk Management

Doctor in Economics, professor at the Kiev National Economic University, regularly invited professor at the University Paris-1 Sorbonne and previously at the University Paris-2. I worked for several years for Ukrainian official statistics in Kiev as the Director of Business Statistics Department and then as the General Director of the state-owned enterprise “Scientific and Technical Complex for Statistical Research”. As an international consultant in statistics and economics I have a vast experience in cooperation and lecturing in Western and Eastern Europe (in particular in CIS countries), United States, and in many countries of Africa. My  interests are in Foreign Direct Investment and Multinationals, Risk Management, Transition and Developing economies, and Business Statistics. Numerous research publications in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

Dr Armoogum SAWMY

Lecturer in Emerging Markets

I obtained my doctoral degree at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in France.  With more than 40 years experience in the field, I have crossed most frontiers from the east of Asia to  the west of the United States.  As an international consultant  I ran missions for UNESCO in Russia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and India.  This has shaped my understanding and passion  for the norm and value systems of societies spanning from the Ural mountains to the Pacific reefs.  Later, as sales manager representing a US computer vendor, I operated in most of the member countries of European Union.  This cultivated  my understanding of how to manage people’s know-how  ranging from local to global cultures.  With the advent of Globalization in 1995, I focused my research on the emerging countries to which I am emotionally and culturally attached: India, China, South Africa, Brazil.  I finally ran my own business outsourcing  to India.

Today I am a  visiting   lecturer at business schools in France, Spain, India and Brazil covering subjects including cross-cultural management / complex negotiations, change / disruptive innovation, emerging market economy and intelligence, village economy and non-governmental organization development.

Lucille LANDRY

Lecturer in Intercultural Management

I have an MBA from the Université de Moncton and I am a part-time lecturer in the fields of marketing and management. I have a Certificate in Intercultural Foundations from the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon and a Certificate in Intercultural Studies from the University of British Columbia.    Serving as the Acting Director of the International Relations Office and Manager of the International Mobility Service at the Université de Moncton, I am also a board member of the International Educators Association of Canada and the Canadian Bureau for International Education.  I am a frequent guest speaker in the field of intercultural communication in Canada, United States, Mexico and France.



Director, Finance programs, ESC Amiens
Lecturer in Corporate finance

I graduated from the University of Paris 10 in 2010. My thesis examines the interaction among financial markets through an intraday analysis especially during the extreme movements in financial markets such as stock market crashes. I then conducted research on financial markets at Amiens Business School. My main research interest lies in the role of psychology and behavior of investors in transactions during extreme volatility using high frequency data by combining scientific insights into cognitive reasoning along with conventional economic and financial theory.


Lecturer in International marketing and strategy

I was born in the United States and then raised in England, where I obtained my degree in Combined Honours in Spanish and Psychology from Liverpool University. I had been planning on a career in Communications and Marketing and was lucky enough to get a job at Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising in London. Saatchi was a prestigious agency as it had done all the advertising for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. I worked as an Account Manager there for clients such as British Airways and Cunard. At British Airways I had an international role – coordinating a network of international advertising agencies. I later moved to France for personal reasons and was fortunate to play a role in the launch of Disneyland Paris – working on brochures, sponsorship, events, press relations and media relations on a French, European and international basis. Later I worked for Total, the French oil company, in international press relations, visiting exotic countries such as the Congo, Angola and Russia with demanding television teams. I also worked directly with the CEO to help him obtain international coverage for the company. I then created my own communications consultancy, and for the last five years I have been a lecturer in Business English, Marketing Communications and Project Management in major business schools in France.

Guillaume LANGLOIS

Lecturer in Management accounting

Graduated with a Master degree in International Business Economics & Strategy at Iéseg School of Management in 2015, with a background in Financial Management at Skema Business School. I’ve worked for the last  2 years as a Senior Management Controller at Bouygues Telecom in Paris.

Soukeyna FAYE

Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Corporate Governance, International Negotiation

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in finance from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA, followed up with an Executive International Management Master Degree and research studies in intercultural intelligence at Lille 1 University in France. I have an extensive professional experience in finance, career development and management in both France and in the USA. I now lecture at both bachelor and master degree levels in France and abroad. Key subjects include Intercultural Management, International Trade, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Relationship Marketing, Strategy Development, Supply Chain Management and Business English.

Sylvain BALNY

Lecturer in Supply Chain Management

I have more than 14 years’ experience in the Supply Chain field. My different experiences, most of the time acquired as a consultant in different fields as oil and gas, automotive and aeronautics industries brought me to work in up and downstream flows at an international level in operational and projects tasks as well. I have also been teaching Supply Chain for more than 9 years.


Lecturer in export/import management

I have more than 30 years’ experience in export/import management. I was international transit manager at Danzas forwarding company. I joined a champagne wine merchant company as international customer service manager covering over 70 countries. I then created my own consulting company to help companies develop their international network. I’m also a customs regulation specialist aiding industries as varied as pharmaceutical, arms, luxury, food and drink …


Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

I hold a PhD in management sciences from HEC Management School Liège (Belgium) in 2009 and since that time I am working on corporate social responsibility, social inclusion and stakeholder management. I am driven by research and how it could be useful for teaching and for managers. I am currently professor at the University Mohamed V in Rabat (Morocco) and a research fellow in ECONOMIA HEM Research Center. I worked previously in France (ESC La Rochelle) and in Belgium (Louvain School of Management, ICHEC Brussels School of Management and HEC Management School).


Coordinator Culture & Language, ESC Amiens
Lecturer FLE, German, Culture


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