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MBA in Corporate Finance

MBA in Corporate Finance

A word from the Program Manager


The specialized MBA in Corporate Finance and Management Control is a course that is intended for manager profiles who are looking for a specialized teaching program with an operational purpose.

This training course has been built in line with the expectations of companies and benefits from the best of ESC Amiens' 76 years of experience.

The targeted functions are as varied as management controller, financial analyst, trader, internal auditor, financial director, etc.

The selection process for the entry to the specialized MBA in Corporate Finance and Management Control is based on a test created by our specialists for the recruitment of high potential finance professionals.

Finally, the candidate will benefit from an educational project based on a wide variety of testimonies and experiences with a very positive dynamic of mutual enrichment.

Mohammed Mehanaoui, teacher-researcher in Finance


The objectives of the MBA

The objective of the specialized MBA in Corporate Finance and Management Control is to acquire advanced skills in the various business families oriented towards finance and management control:

  • In-depth accounting
  • International financial statements
  • Audit Techniques
  • Management Control
  • Financial analysis
  • Treasury management
  • Taxation
  • Business and corporate law
  • Financing law


Examples of modules followed


- Project management
- Project team management
- Performance measurement and evaluation
- Human resources management
- Entrepreneurship


- Credit risk management
- Management control and performance
- Financial analysis and evaluation
- Taxation tool and strategy
- International Finance
- Taxation of assets and investments
- Strategic analysis of the company (financial prism)
- Business and corporate law
- Corporate finance
- Cash management and forecasting
- Financing right
- Mandatory financing, financial policy
- Market finance and derivatives
- Project management
- Market research study
- Performance measurement and evaluation
- Human Resources Management
- Entrepreneurship

15-hour modules likely to evolve according to regional and international news and the needs of ESC Amiens' partner companies

Deployment of ESC Amiens online Finance MBA in Asia
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