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Creators of TALENTS since 1942

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Créateurs de TALENTS depuis 1942
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Work-study programme

Work-study programme


Full time or work-study programme? ESC Amiens offers students the choice that suits them best...


How does the work-study programme work?

The work-study programme allows a student to receive training by combining theoretical instruction provided by ESC Amiens and a work experience in a company.

For the Bachelor programme, only the third year is available on a work-study programme.

For the Master programme, the two years are available on a work-study programme.

Host companies are offered 2 types of contract:
- apprenticeship contracts
- professional training contracts

ESC Amiens has had its own Apprentice Training Centre (CFA) since July 2021.

Rights and duties of work-study students

Work-study students are employees in their own right. As such, the laws, regulations and collective agreements of the professional sector and of the company apply to them under the same conditions as to other employees.
Working hours are identical to those of other employees. The employer must allow the trainee to attend theoretical vocational courses. This training time at the ESC Amiens is included in the working time.

Work-study programme enables candidates to :
- Obtain a diploma or qualification from a wide range of professions;
- Benefit from free training costs;
- Put theory into practice;
- Be paid as an employee during their training;
- Easier access to employment, thanks to the professional experience gained on the job.

Health and safety rules in the workplace

Work-study students are subject to the rules applicable in the company. The employer must guarantee the health and safety of its employees. They must only entrust work-study students with tasks that are in line with the missions declared to ESC Amiens.

Work-study schedule

1 week in training / 1 week in the company


±approx. 665 hours of courses and 1030 hours working

Work-study student remuneration

Subject to more favourable legal or contractual provisions, work-study students receive a salary determined as a percentage of the minimum wage, the amount of which varies according to the age of the beneficiary and his/her progress through the training cycle(s) covered by the apprenticeship, and according to the type of contract.

Training costs covered

Training costs are paid by the company via its OPCO (skills operator).

When a company employs a student on a work-study contract, it benefits from public aid:
Aid for recruitment under an apprenticeship contract
Aid for recruitment under a professionalisation contract

Support for work-study students

The work-study student is systematically supported in his work in the company by an apprenticeship supervisor or a company follower (tutor) with sufficient professional experience and qualifications. A school mentor is also appointed by the school/CFA to monitor the young person's progress in the company.

Finding a host company

ESC Amiens assists all candidates in their search for a host company for their work-study programme by giving them access to various tools:
- 1 to 2 company search seminars per year (in July/September): information on work-linked training, CV/cover letter workshop, e-reputation, mock interviews.
- Transmission of CV books of candidates to companies looking for candidates, professional networks, etc.
- Individual coaching to work on the candidate's CV/cover letter.
- Access to the Jobteaser platform containing job / work-study / internship offers from companies.
- Access to the history of companies that have taken on work-study students
If the work-study contract is broken, ESC Amiens assists the student in finding a new company.

Work-study programme for foreign students

- European students (from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) can register for a work-study programme without a work permit.
To find out more, click here!

- Non-European students generally have access to work-linked training after their first year in France.
However, access conditions may differ depending on :
- country of origin 
- the type of residence permit, 
- the need for a work permit (which must be requested by the company at the time of recruitment).
More info: Campus France 

As situations vary greatly, contact the Préfecture de la Somme before starting a work-study programme.
Préfecture de la Somme
51 rue de la République
80020 Amiens Cedex 9
+33 (0)3 22 97 80 80 


Students on work-study programmes are supervised by tutors from within or outside the school, coordinated by the head of the Business Department. All students have access to a career centre (CV and cover letter coaching, professional project management, company search assistance seminar, etc.) run by the Business Department.

Students are also asked to get involved in the School's community life (student enterprise).


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