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Values and missions


The vocation of ESC Amiens is to train talented professionals, able to understand the world around them, to seize opportunities while respecting people and the planet.

With almost 80 years of experience, ESC Amiens School of Management’s mission is to identify potential, reveal and cultivate talent, train and integrate into the professional world current and future generations of managers and entrepreneurs who are to create economic and societal value in a global and digital world. While there is a plethora of training courses to learn how to become a manager of the future, ESC Amiens School of Management refuses to play the role of standardization that will drown its students in the mass.

On the contrary, ESC Amiens School of Management favors uniqueness and emphasizes the know-how, interpersonal skills and professional behaviour, respectful of each individual, far from an outdated mold in which all forms of creativity are stifled. Each training provided at ESC Amiens School of Management carries these values.

Learning to do right the first time: the Professional Behavior Path

Our partner companies are at the heart of ESC Amiens School of Management education based on our Professionel Behavior Path (PBP). The PBP enables students to be immediately immersed in professional missions like surveys, real life negotiation exercises, live debates with company stakeholders… The PBP grants points which assess every student professional behavior and their ability to use all managerial knowledge on top of demanding human relations. Acting with social concern but in a way that will serve a company highest expectations is the objective of ESC Amiens School of Management!

Observation of practices and applied research

ESC Amiens School of Management promotes observation because it believes all is about understanding business practices. Therefore, our research team teaches applied research technique to enable students to meet their objectives. Curiosity, rigor, analytical skills, open-mindedness are the qualities of the good researcher and manager of tomorrow. Research is organized in such a way as to involve students in a global process of observing good practices and sharing their findings with companies.

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