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Values and missions


The goal of ESC Amiens is to train talented professionals capable of understanding their world and equipped to seize opportunities, while also respecting mankind and our planet.


The mission of ESC Amiens is to train talented professionals capable of understanding the world around them and seizing opportunities while respecting people and the planet.

"When business make sense"

Building on more than eighty years of experience, the mission of the Amiens business school is to identify potential, reveal and cultivate talent, train and integrate into the professional world current and future generations of managers and entrepreneurs who create economic and social value in a global and digital world. While there is a plethora of training courses to learn how to become a manager of tomorrow, ESC Amiens refuses to play the game of standardisation and drown its students in the mass.

On the contrary, the school favours uniqueness and emphasises the know-how, interpersonal skills and professional behaviour of each individual, far from a hackneyed mould in which all forms of creativity are stifled. Every course offered at ESC Amiens embodies these values.

Learning professional behaviour

Business life is central to our courses. Students benefit from experience, participating in projects with and on behalf of companies, in negotiations, debates, and interview simulations to assess their professional conduct and their capacity to develop soft skills. Observed by professionals in selection committees, students are encouraged to assess their self-image and understand business expectations more clearly.

Practical observation and applied research

ESC Amiens encourages learning through the observation of innovative and efficient business practices with the development of applied research. The best future researchers and managers are curious and disciplined with analytical skills and an open mind. Research is organised so that students are actively involved in an overall process of observing good practices and applying lessons learned in the field.

Equal opportunity

ESC Amiens is committed to equal opportunity because each student is unique. This is reflected in the school’s engagement in the community, the diverse student body, and access for students with a disability. See below for more information.


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