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Outgoing students


ESC Amiens is preparing the future today. Our school has a firmly international outlook, encouraging students to spend time abroad, and to develop English and Chinese language skills.

International at ESC Amiens means:

•    An international business specialisation in Bachelor and Master programmes,
•    Visiting professors who teach on campus,
•    Projects with international students,
•    The opportunity to spend one or two terms abroad after the first year with one of our global partners. The broad range of destinations allows students to adapt their time away to their career plan,
•    Double diplomas with partner institutions
•    International internships. ESC Amiens receives internship offers throughout the year from foreign companies that show active interest in our students.

Amiens - an international campus

ESC Amiens has been part of the ERASMUS+ program for over 20 years, forging direct links with around 40 partner universities and schools in 24 countries.

ESC Amiens in Shanghai

The most innovative partnership was set up in 2002 with Shanghai Xingjian College which accepts ESC Amiens students every year for study and internships.  Over 1,000 alumni have completed studies with this partner institution which specialises in management, tourism, and digital technology.

ESC Amiens now boasts 40 international partners which directly benefits our Bachelor students.

The aim is to expose students to an alternative approach to cultivate an open mind, flexibility, the capacity to adapt quickly, and acumen in professional situations which are both varied and international. We prioritise contact with other social, cultural, and business environments. That’s what makes our Bachelor courses different. Key benefits:

•    Access to three foreign languages from the first year, two of which are compulsory, and compulsory courses in Chinese and English.
•    An approach to teaching language and civilisation which, apart from traditional methods, also incorporates games and role plays.
•    The ‘tandem’ contract that creates partnerships between foreign and French ESC Amiens students for learning languages.
•    The opportunity to compete in language competitions, particularly for Chinese students in Amiens secondary schools.
•    24/7 online access with individual user-name and password to an online teaching module for TOEIC preparation. A TOEIC score of 700 is required for graduation.
•    The China cycle is an opportunity for third year students to spend two months in Shanghai with our long-standing partner the Xingjian Polytechnic Shanghai College where they participate in an export project with a local business. 
•    Internships are arranged over continuous periods so students can go abroad.
•    First-year students must spend two months abroad either on an internship or a student job to validate their degree.

Would you like to go abroad for your internship or gap year?
In an increasingly global job market, international experience is essential 
Beyond discovering a new country and another culture, students learn language skills required for most jobs, either in France or abroad. Discovering the world is an enriching experience which develops versatility and adaptability.

This experience on your CV will give you the edge over other candidates and prove your language level. Recruiters are also particularly interested in candidates who have spent time abroad as it demonstrates, beyond language skills and professional experience, a certain independence, and a taste for challenge.

ESC Amiens is part of the ERASMUS+ program, aiming to support teaching, training, youth, and sports projects for the 2014-2020 period. ERASMUS+ financially supports a range of teaching, training, youth, and sports projects and activities.



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