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Living in Amiens


Amiens is a cultural, natural, and festive city with a pleasant environment and enjoyable lifestyle.

Amiens is a cultural, natural, and festive city with a pleasant environment and enjoyable lifestyle.
Fans of history, culture, sport, good food or happy hours love friendly Amiens. With a population of 139,000 inhabitants in the city, and 180,000 in the greater urban area, you won’t feel lost in the crowd. What’s more, 29,000 students settle here each year. Amiens is the third-largest city in France with the highest ratio of student population to permanent residents after Poitiers and Rennes. Amiens has a constantly high ranking in the L’Etudiant magazine’s list of student cities.


ESC Amiens is in the city centre, just a few minutes from the train station. A wide range of housing solutions lodge the majority of students within a 10-minute walk of the campus. The school assists you in your search with a listing of accommodation consistent with your criteria, maps, addresses, and telephone numbers for the main contacts. For more information, call +33 (0)3 22 82 21 34. You can also apply for accommodation at the Amiens Crous (see contact details below).

For more information: Housing benefits are available to students:
•    ALS Allocation Logement à caractère Social
•    APL Aide Personnalisée au Logement
•    ALINE Allocation d’Installation Etudiante
•    the loca-pass for students


Caisse d’allocations familiales
9 bd Maignan Larivière, 80022 Amiens
•    0810 25 80 10 (in France)

Crous Amiens Picardie
25 rue St-Leu, 80005 Amiens
•    +33 (0)9 69 39 19 19

Action Logement
32 rue de Noyon, 80002 Amiens
+33 (0)3 64 57 30 80

You can download information about benefits proposed by Action Logement including help finding accommodation or a guarantor, financing a deposit, and reducing ongoing accommodation costs.

Food and Drink

There is a wide range of snacking choices in the area, and the university restaurants are open to ESC students. They serve a variety of meals with value for money. There are three near the school. The closest is just across the street!
•    Restaurant Saint-Leu, rue de la Plumette
•    Restaurant de la Veillère, Petite Rue de la Veillère
•    Cafétéria des facultés de Droit et d’Economie (Law and Economics Faculty Cafeteria), 10 placette Lafleur 

Getting Around

By train
The campus is just a few minutes from the train station. Amiens is 70 minutes from Paris and one hour from Lille by train.

Amiens SNCF Train Station
place Alphonse Fiquet, 80000 Amiens
•    www.voyages-sncf. com

By bike
There are over 300 self-service bikes at 26 docking stations, including one right by the school. Bike rentals are also available on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

•    0820 200 299 (in France)

By car

In Amiens, everything - or almost - is possible on foot. A car is not an essential item. Some parking facilities near the school offer special student rates.

By bus

The city of Amiens offers special student rates.
Agence Ametis, place de la Gare
10 Place Alphonse Fiquet, 80000 Amiens
•    +33 (0)3 22 71 40 00

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