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Creators of TALENTS since 1942

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Créateurs de TALENTS depuis 1942
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Governance of the ESC Amiens


ESC Amiens is a member of Amiens-Picardy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The school, created under the French 1901 non-profit organisation law, has been headed by Yann Tournesac since 2016 and is chaired by Jean-Pierre Mollet since 2023.

The school is governed by a board of directors, representing professions in the area and the Hauts-de-France region.

Members of the ESC Amiens Board of Directors also include the largest French employer federation, MEDEF, the French federation of SMEs, CPME and the school’s alumni association.
Amiens Métropole has also supported the school since its creation, and more recently, the Amiens Cluster has been assisting student entrepreneurs.

ESC Amiens also has an off-site campus for apprenticeships, IRFA APISUP.

As part of its educational policy, ESC Amiens also works with other local institutions including UPJV and IFF, the regional school board, INTERFOR and the ESIEE.





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