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Bachelor 2 (Bac +2)

Diplôme visé par l'Etat

Bachelor 2 (Bac +2)

Application and synthesis

The Bachelor of Management and Marketing of ESC Amiens is a diploma targeted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) on the advice of the Commission d'Evaluation des Formations et Diplômes de Gestion (CEFDG) as from 01/09/2017 for 3 years (published in the Official Bulletin on Higher Education, Research and Innovation n° 26 of 20/07/2017).

This visa is based on several criteria of academic excellence such as permanent faculty and international openness. The first year of the ESC Amiens Bachelor's degree is open to all students with a bachelor's degree or titular degree from France or abroad who are admitted as exempt.


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The Bachelor 2 is designed to provide strategic knowledge set up to broaden the knowledge acquired in the first year and act in a transversal way. This is the year of application and synthesis, in particular thanks to the 12-week internship (minimum) to be carried out in France or abroad.

This second year of the ESC Amiens Bachelor's degree is open to all students with a bac+1 (1st year of BTS, Licence, DUT, business school or preparatory class).

Practical informations

  • Back to school
    September 2022
  • Admission
    from January 2022
  • Time
    1 year
  • Rythm
    Formation initiale
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On the way to your professional project

The main objective of this year is to consolidate the foundations in management sciences of the 1st year and to apply this knowledge through practical and professional applications. This is the beginning of the individualization of the course, to be fully specialized in the 3rd year.



The originality of the program lies in the following distinctive elements:

Academic depth
Pedagogical engineering based on the empowerment and automation of the learner
Individualisation of each student's career path to adapt to the professional project
An important professional network

Environment and strategy


  • Law
  • Economy
  • Information systems
  • International trade

Professional behaviour


  • Actual projects
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Sales internship

Management techniques


  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Laws, probabilities, finance, taxation
  • Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Geopolitics

The month of specialization

Languages and communication


  • Language workshops


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