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Creators of TALENTS since 1942

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Créateurs de TALENTS depuis 1942
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Student clubs and associations


ESC Amiens student clubs and associations include members of all levels, providing diverse and dynamic activity throughout the school.

Each year during orientation week, ESC Amiens student clubs and associations present their activities. A fun, energetic, and creative event that highlights the major projects for the coming academic year.

ESC Amiens students become an active member of their school. They are expected to participate and contribute with their own projects, but also with active membership of existing student clubs and associations such as those presented below.

Each student is welcome to add their own personal touch. We encourage students to flourish and enjoy their education by participating in cultural, social, and sports activities, to help them realise both professional and personal growth.
How about you? Which association or club will you give your energy to this year? Here are some of the existing ESC Amiens clubs and associations!

Student Services

Student Services oversees the school’s clubs and associations. It is also responsible for student orientation and integration and creating a dynamic student life.
Student Services organises events all year round, with three major dates:
•    Orientation Week: For five days, Student Services organises outings and events to show newcomers around the school, the city, and the St Leu student district.
•    Integration Weekend: This event is a must! The alumni welcome new students and Student Services organises activities and a party.
•    The Gala: Student Services organises a Gala so students can celebrate their graduation with other students and academic and other school staff.

The Arts Service

The Arts Service promotes all forms of art including dance, music, photography, and theatre. Students can exchange at events such as the gala and during exhibitions.

The Sports Service

The Sports Service ensures ESC Amiens students have access to a wide range of sports activities. The service organises training that aims for participation in inter-school competitions.

International Students Service

The International Students Service welcomes students joining ESC Amiens for a semester or a full year. The association proposes outings in the region and other activities to help foreign and French ESC Amiens get to know each other.

The Communication Centre

The Communication Centre covers student club and association events with photos and videos. The service publishes reports, photos, video, and aftermovies.


ESC’Manager organises actions to create awareness among students about sustainable development. Several partnerships have been created with other clubs to carry out actions to improve our daily lives.
The Raid 4L Trophy Rally

The cross-country rally, exclusively for students, is organised in Morocco. At the wheel of a 4L, teams of two students travel over 6,000 km to promote social conscience and goodwill. The teams distribute school supplies to Moroccan children when they reach the finish line.

The ESC Amiens ALEA association presents the local Amiens environmental campaign. Take part in this exceptional event: a race the earth is not about to forget! Join the movement. Our future depends on it.


Civic participation: ESC Amiens students give one hour each month to help a neighbour.

In partnership with the Voisins Solidaires association, ESC Amiens enhances its innovative education methods for the Bachelor course with civic participation. 180 students from 1st and 2nd year are involved in the project which focuses on professional behaviour and association projects.

Every Thursday afternoon, our students participate in actions of goodwill in their neighbourhood and network in the Picardy area. These socially responsible actions foster tolerance and healthy citizenship. During this time, students boost goodwill among the local population. The project aims to help the underprivileged, but it can also include helping with shopping or homework, giving IT lessons, or picking up medicine for a sick neighbour.  Goodwill concerns us all. ESC Amiens makes it a priority!

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