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Bachelor 2 (Bac +2)

Bachelor 2 (Bac +2)


The ESC Amiens Bachelor's degree is a diploma approved by the Ministry of National Education. This visa is based on several criteria of academic excellence such as permanent faculty and international openness. The visa also allows you to welcome scholarship holders.

The 2nd year Bachelor's degree is designed to provide strategic knowledge set up to broaden the knowledge acquired in the 1st year and act in a transversal way.


Environment and strategy


  • Fee (4 ECTS credits)
  • Economy (5 ECTS credits)
  • Information systems (4 ECTS credits)
  • International trade (4 ECTS credits)

Professional behaviour


  • Business Game / real projects (4 ECTS credits)
  • Negotiation skills (2 ECTS credits)
  • Sales internship (4 ECTS credits)

Management techniques


  • Marketing (9 ECTS credits)
  • Management (6 ECTS credits)
  • Laws, probabilities, finance, taxation (6 ECTS credits)
  • Accounting (4 ECTS credits)
  • Microeconomics (1 ECTS credit)
  • Geopolitics (1 ECTS credit)

Languages and communication

  • Language course (6 ECTS credits)



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