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75 years of excellence and educational innovation…

Today, ESC Amiens is opening a new chapter in its history, a return to the values and principles that have shaped the school for 75 years

The Amiens Business School, founded in 1942, surrounded by major European capitals, has always strived to innovate and experiment, even if it means taking a few twists and turns along the way. This particular character has enabled the school to develop rapidly within the major networks of higher education in France and abroad and to expand its activities to include both middle management training with ISAM’s Bachelor in Management in 1988, continuing education since 1990, as well as the introduction of a multitude of MBA programs in 2012. In short, the Amiens Business School has set distinctive standards including new approaches to corporate experiential education, social awareness and diversity, as well as the  creation of centers of excellence, including a double diploma in political science, a first among French business schools.

Today, ESC Amiens is focusing on greater social openness, corporate involvement in the academic process, and a strong contribution to the development of the region of Picardy. The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce d’Amiens offers programs of full-time, work-study and continuing education from the Bachelor to the Master and MBA level, benefiting from the best of its seventy-five years of experience and innovation.