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Bachelor 3rd year International Commerce

International students can enter the 3rd year of the Bachelor program in the degree major “International Commerce”, specializing in international business. The program is fully taught in English by our permanent and visiting professors and industry professionals with diverse international experience, most whose native language is English.

The 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree of the ESC Amiens is open to all students who wish to pursue an international career.

ESC Amiens now has 42 international partners and this dynamism directly benefits the students of the Bachelor’s degree!

The objective is to offer a real differentiation thanks to an intellectual openness that will result in flexibility, rapid and intelligent adaptability to professional situations encountered in today’s ever-evolving international environment. Thus, this connection with other social, cultural or business environments sets apart graduates of our Bachelor in International Commerce.

See how ESC Amiens changed Sasha’s life!

Major in

List of modules offered, all in English

  • Business strategy
  • Business intelligence
  • Contract law
  • International business law
  • Project management
  • Management accounting
  • Production management
  • Human resource management
  • Brand and innovation management
  • International finance
  • International market intelligence
  • International marketing and communication
  • The bigger picture – aspects of civilization and culture

In addition, international students can choose a variety of courses available in the Department of Language and Culture, including:

  • Welcome to France – French civilization and culture
  • French business language
  • French cinema

International students participate in the program « Tandem » which pairs up French and foreign students to aid each other in progressing in the others’ language learning.

International students can also attend classes in the ESC Amiens Master program, which offers several courses in English:

  • Intercultural Communication, Personal Leadership and Conflict Resolution across Cultures
  • Event Management Strategy

Finally, foreign students have the opportunity to participate in the 100% English courses available in our MBA 2 in International Business Strategy, as well as courses that may be available in English in our other specialised MBA 2 programs including finance, international purchasing and logistics, webmarketing and digital communication and project management. For more information about course offerings, go to the page for the MBA2 International Business Strategy.*

* Course selection may be limited depending on the semester of attendance

Subject to modification. To obtain the final program, please contact the Department of Education (Département Scolarité).

For additional information please contact :

Judith Montigny

+33(0)3 22 82 23 08


How to apply: Mail-in application form

Admission requirements: interviews and written exams

Interview and exam dates: on request from the Admissions Service

Contact: / +33(0)3 22 82 23 08

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